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New York Restaurants - by Steven A. Shaw

There are a seemingly infinite number of restaurants in Manhattan's Little Korea -the neighborhood in the shadow of the Empire State Building- but few stand out. At Cho Dang Gol, though the restaurant doesn't look like much, there's one incontrovertibly compelling feature: fresh tofu, handmade daily on the premises. If you've always wondered why tofu, which typically tastes like a kitchen sponge, is such a mainstay of the Asian diet, here's your silky, buttery answer

The New York Times - March 8, 1998 by Ruth Reichl

The soft white custard has the texture of overwhipped cream. It gives, gently, when you dip your spoon into the bowl, allowing a bit of fragrant to escape.

New York Post - Nov 7, 1999 by Cynthia Kilian

Meals & Deals Just mentioning tofu used to guarantee a few titters. Nobody's laughing now - not since soy has been shown to have several health benefits. Most recently, the FDA endorsed soy protein as a way to lower cholesterol and thus fight coronary heart disease. And other studies indicate soy's possible power against osteoporosis and cancer. Actually, on his last appearance on "Late Show with David Letterman," World Series' Champ manager Joe Torre, whose cancer is in remission, said that his new diet "includes drinking a soy shake the fifth inning of every game."

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